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What is electronic ticket?

1. What is an electronic ticket (eTicket)?

Electronic ticket (eTicket) is an electronic version of a regular paper ticket (regardless by air or by train). However, an electronic tickets differs from a paper ticket, in that an e-ticket automatically is recorded in several computer databases when a reservation is confirmed. Airlines and ticketing systems have access to these databases. An E-ticket requires no special blanks, since all information is stored in the memory of the databases and is easily transferred between different computers and databases.

2. The advantages of an electronic ticket

The inadequacies of paper tickets: On a paper ticket, all the required information is printed onto a special form called a blank, including all the travel information, the passengers personal data, the price, the number and places of connections, any returns or changes and so forth to the original reservation. This proves to be cumbersome and can cause headache when trying to make changes or cancellations.

The advantages of having an e-ticket:

Safety: Any changes, cancellations or annotations made to your electronic ticket takes place inside the airlines electronic database. Thus, it is easier to use an e-ticket and has proven to be more reliable

Ease: E-tickets can be purchased online and printed at home. Theft or loss of the printed e-ticket is not a worry it can easily be retrieved and reprinted. All the information is secure since it is stored on the airlines or railway companys database. You no longer have to worry about keeping it in a safe place, and you can print the e-ticket just hours before your departure.

Click and Fly: Buying an e-ticket is simpler and faster. You can independently choose your travel arrangements and see all possible routings. Buy your ticket anywhere there is an internet connection. Arrive at the airport with your confirmation code and receive your boarding pass. Show your confirmation to passport control and proceed straight to your departure gate. Remember to have your passport with you though.

Quick check-ins: You are able to check-in for your flight online at home, up to 24 hours in advance of your departure time. Once you arrive a the airport, proceed directly to security and immigrations, since you dont need to visit the check-in counter to receive a boarding pass; however, do remember to check your luggage if needed. If you value your time, e-ticketing is to your advantage.

Save time:

Before: You had to make a reservation through a middleman, but worried about whether the agent would reserve the right flight time at the right price, and then you had to worry about surcharges and fees that the agent charged. Then you had to physically go to pay and pick you your tickets. In the end, a lot of time was spent purchasing your tickets.

Now: Luckily, thanks to the e-ticket and the internet, making travel reservations is so much simpler. All that you need to do now, is log on to www.geruxx.com, choose the flight you need, and pay online using a credit card or another preferred online payment options, which in all takes no longer than 15 minutes in total!

3. World Wide Acceptance

E-tickets have been growing in popularity thanks to the time they save in making reservations and the reliability in have an e-ticket as opposed to a paper ticket. According to IATA, 90% of all airline tickets are e-tickets.

Europe adopts e-ticketing

The major European airlines were the first to adopt e-ticketing in Europe. The International Air Transportation Association IATA, which is comprised of 265 airlines, mandated the rule to switch from paper tickets to e-tickets. The goal was to reduce costs that occurred in the purchasing and confirmation process between agents and the airlines. IATA confirmed that the switch would save airlines approximately 9USD per passenger. For airlines, this marks a considerable cost-savings, and in 2005, airlines rushed to make the switch. Today, as a result of e-tickets, passengers can fly to any developed country ticket-less.

Acceptance in Russia

All major Russian airlines are implementing e-ticketing in exchange for the traditional paper form. As a result, anyone wishing to make travel reservations online on a Russian airline on any flight from Germany to Russia or the CIS, can do so at home. In only one year, the network of routes on which e-tickets are available, has expanded to almost every single flight between Russia and Europe, Russia and the CIS, and to and from Russia and the CIS countries and Europe.

4. How to use etickets technology?

Online at www.letenky.ru, www.izboruri.com, www.aviatomser.com, you now can independently purchase an electronic ticket from any point in the world (selected from a list of cities on the site) to any place in the world, without leaving your home.


Access to the internet

A credit card or bank account number in order to pay online for the flight.

How to make a reservation of E-Ticket? / How to buy an eTicket?

  • You choose: you independently choose the airline and flight times that best suit your needs.

  • Know the price: you are shown the final price of the ticket including all taxes and fees.

  • Compare prices: you have the power to compare prices from different airlines on the dates and route you desire.

  • Print the ticket yourself: dont fret about receiving the ticket on-time and paying exorbitant shipping costs. Print the ticket yourself at your own pace. Youll receive the confirmation right in your email inbox.

  • Dont pay service fees: With letenky.ru (jetradar.com), you dont pay service fees as you are your own travel agent, and you make the reservations 

Good luck making your reservations and have a perfect journey in Armenia!




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